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Project Management

Deployment Strategy The purpose of the Deployment Strategy and Plan document is to define a deployment strategy and plan for the software application/system. This document is comprised of two sections (in addition to the project identification information) the Deployment Strategy and the Deployment Plan. The Deployment Strategy section is used to formulate a deployment approach for the software application/system and is completed early in the project. The Deployment Plan section contains detailed schedule, resource, technical, and support information necessary for successful deployment of the software application or system.


The Deployment Strategy section of the document provides an overview of the deployment strategy planned for the software application/system. Included in the deployment strategy is timeline information, a description of the deployment approach, and associated benefits, assumptions and risks.

The Plan

The Deployment Plan section provides detailed information on the deployment of the software application/system. Included in the Deployment Plan are schedule and resource information, the engagement and promotion strategy, deployment methods, technology infrastructure and support considerations, deployment testing and training requirement, and any known conflicts or issues with the software.

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