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Hemingway, Boston, New York, New Jersey (HOBNYNJ) (formerly Hemingway of Boston) is a technology consulting firm started in 1993 by Michael Hemingway, a former Software Developer and technology Manager/Consultant with roots in Financial Services and Insurance Industry Corporate Information Technology.


The key areas of emphasis and expertise are in infrastructure management, strategic planning, budgeting, program level project management, Software application development, pre and post implementation deployment, and technical support. Hemingway's experience began at IBM in various technical, programming, planning, and management roles from 1972 to 1987. In 1988 Michael left IBM for opportunities in the Home construction and Property management sector which provided invaluable experience in the technologies for those fields. Hemingway developed subject matter expertise for desktop ardware, networks, databases, retail and accounting applications.

article image From 1995 to 2014 Hemingway returned to corporate financial services technology at State Street Corporation, HSBC, and BNY Mellon. Through his exposure and previous technical expertise where he further developed and enhanced his skills in the management, support, development, Security, and deployment of business technology Enterprise applications and infrastructure.